How do I get access to Clever Kids University Pre-K?

Clever Kids University Pre-K is FREE for families when we partner with districts and organizations that provide access. Visit www.myf2b.com/register to see if your zip code qualifies.

How long should my child use the program?

We recommend that children use the Clever Kids University Pre-K app no more than 10 to 15 minutes each day.

Can I use my Footsteps2Brilliance Super Secret Code?

Yes. If you have been given access to Clever Kids University Pre-K then you will use your Footsteps2Brilliance Super Secret Code (or username/password for adults) to unlock the app.

How do children make progress?

Children must complete all 20 activities for a week before they can unlock the next week’s activities. Activities that provide exposure and practice must simply be completed. Other activities that develop student’s mastery of skills require at least 80% success to complete.

How do children earn coins in the program?

Children earn coins for each activity they complete and master. Coins are collected into the Coin Machine at the completion of each day. Children can count their coins in the My Progress module.

How do children earn stars in the program?

Children earn a star for each calendar day that they log in and use the program. Children can count their stars in the My Progress Module.


What will my child learn?

Clever Kids University Pre-K is designed to develop the skills children need to be ready for kindergarten. Your child will work on letter recognition, number sense, scientific concepts and vocabulary, social studies, and much more. For a complete list of skills taught, click here.


Why must children read the same nursery rhyme multiple times during a week?

Nursery rhymes are not just fun, they have enormous educational value. In fact, Mem Fox states, in Reading Magic, that “experts in literacy and child development have discovered that if children know at least eight nursery rhymes by the time they’re four years old, they’re usually among the best readers by the time they’re eight.”

When caregivers encourage children to learn and recite nursery rhymes, they are helping with:

  • Language development: As children recite rhymes, they are learning new vocabulary and how to articulate words, modulate their voices, and enunciate clearly.
  • Reading Skills: Nursery rhymes help children to attend to and play with the sounds in words. Children must hear the sounds in words in order to map those sounds to letters when they learn to read. Rhyming is a gateway to reading.
  • Math Concepts: Many nursery rhymes introduce numbers and counting.
  • Cognitive skills: Nursery rhymes often help children develop an awareness of patterns and sequences—critical skills for both reading and math. When children learn to recite the rhymes, they are developing memory and cognition.
  • Non-cognitive skills: Using finger plays or acting out nursery rhymes can extend their value to positively impact a child’s physical, social and emotional development.

Do I need a data plan?

No. Once you install the Clever Kids University Pre-K app and download the first train in a Wi Fi environment, you and your child can use the app at any time without Wi Fi or a data plan.

Periodically, you may need Wi Fi to:

  • Update the App.
  • Download new books, songs, games, and activities to use on your device.
  • Upload student progress into the Footsteps2Brilliance reports. (Your progress is saved on your device while you work offline until the device connects to Wi Fi.)*

Can my child work on this app without my help?

While your child will likely be able to complete activities independently, we strongly recommend that you engage with your child as he/she works on Clever Kids University. Research shows that young children learn best from social experiences. When you attend to your child’s choices, engage your child in dialogue, and focus your child’s attention, you are ensuring that your child gets the most out of the curriculum.

For very young children (ages 2 and 3), Clever Kids University offers “lapware.” In this model, the child essentially works on the program in the lap of their caregiver. Children and caregivers work together to complete each day’s activities. Children drive the learning, choosing what to do next and authentically responding to the prompts, while the caregiver provides support, attends to the child’s choices, engages the child in dialogue, and focuses the child’s attention.

For preschool children (ages 4 and 5), Clever Kids University Pre-K offers independent learning to be monitored by a caregiver. Children may work independently or in small groups with an adult nearby. While a 4- or 5-year-old child can successfully complete all activities in the program independently, the depth of learning increases when a caregiver attends to the child’s choices, engages the child in dialogue, and focuses the child’s attention. Moreover, there are several activities each week that direct the child to talk to and work with a “grown up.”

Does the program include any materials not in the app?

In addition to the 20 activities children complete on the app each week, Clever Kids University Pre-K includes two Together Time activities each week that caregivers can complete anytime, anywhere. These activities are designed to enrich the learning that is happening on the app. Each activity requires only a few minutes and can be completed with minimal preparation. In addition, each activity includes prompts to encourage dialogue.